Erectile Dysfunction

7 Foods That Help You Stay Erect

Foods That Help You Stay Erect

If you’re struggling with sexual health disorder that’s also known as erectile dysfunction or are unable to stay hard during intimacy time then you must have to make changes in your diet. We know that taking more help from a dietician regarding the best diet chart for getting a sigh of relief from erectile dysfunction disease appropriately.

Different types of vegetables and fruits can help the males simply fight with ed symptoms and eliminate them in a good way. Thus, patients can enjoy their sexual life by making changes in their diet plan in an appropriate manner. 

Can Foods Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Foods are proven to be an effective way to deal with ed disease and improve the blood flow in the penis in a good way. Make sure to hire certified and specialist dieticians who have sufficient information about treating ed with the best  foods that help you stay erect

Best Foods That Help You Stay Erect


Tomatoes are proven to be effective that can boost the blood circulation level in the penis by resolving sexual health problems. Make sure to eat tomatoes in a good amount that can help the ed patients to fight so many signs and symptoms appropriately. Eating tomatoes are also good for heart health individuals who have such problem can add them to their diet. 

Leafy greens

It would be better for males to eat green leafy vegetables as much as possible which can enhance the blood flow in the penile region extremely and help them to stay hard during sex time. The majority of ed suffering men like to eat leafy green vegetables, especially for having nitrates that can deal with sexual health disorders. 


Patients can simply make positive changes in their sexual life by just adding chili peppers to their diet. Make sure that patients must have to add peppers to their diet by taking proper advice from an experienced and certified dietician. 


Oysters are mainly added to the diet by ed suffering patients, especially for maintaining an erection in the penis. It is an irrefutable fact that shellfish and oysters have a lot of zinc in such foods that can help the males to boost their testosterone levels and get rid of ed disease. The main reason behind having ed symptoms is that it lower testosterone levels. 


Nuts are good because they contain nutrients that can be quite beneficial for overall health and contribute a lot to patients who face difficulty in maintaining an erection in the penis. Eating nuts as per the healthcare provider and dietician’s advice can help the patients to simply fight with ed symptoms and overcome this particular disease. 


Undoubtedly, coffee has so many health benefits and it can also improve sexual life by eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Individuals must have to drink at least 2 cups a day for staying hard during intimate times by dealing with the entire symptoms of this dangerous sexual health disorder.

Dark chocolate

We know that chocolate is rich in flavanols, plant nutrients that can enhance the blood circulation in the penis and help the males to maintain proper erection in the penis. Make sure to eat dark chocolate in the right amount for improving sexual health. 

Lifestyle habits to improve sexual health

When it comes to facing sexual health disorders like erectile dysfunction then patients must have to make changes in their lifestyle habits. Let’s discuss some habits that can improve the sexual health performance of males.

Limit The Consumption Of Alcohol

Males having ed symptoms must have to limit the consumption of alcohol and reduce the milliliters in a good way. If men succeed in reducing their alcohol consumption then no one can prevent them from enjoying their sexual performance.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is quite necessary for males having ed signs and symptoms that patients must have to have to take proper naps daily. Thus, males can enjoy their overall sexual health and like to be intimate with their partners for fewer minutes.

Due to a lack of sufficient sleep hours, males usually getting feel tired and develop so many additional sexual health disorders that can lead to erectile dysfunction. So, patients must sleep at least 8 hours a day for adding fun to their sexual life by dealing with ed symptoms.

Limit Smoking Habit

If you’re a smoker and like to get treatment with home remedies, generic medicines and many more then you must have to limit your smoking habit in a good way. If you’re addicted to smoking then you must have to limit it for getting amazing ed treatment appropriately. Smoking can make ed situation of males worsen, so make sure to avoid it as much as possible. Thus, patients can add more fun to their sexual activity by taking ed treatment in a good way.


As soon as patients make positive changes in their diet in terms of eating recommended foods and change in lifestyle habits then they will surely like to intimate with their partners. Eventually, patients must have to consult with healthcare providers from time to time, especially for getting positive results and improve sexual performance.

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